Documenting of/for/as Learning

What is Documenting Learning?

Documenting Learning is designed to aid educators in exploring, gaining insights into, and personally applying responses to these questions:
-What is learning? What is evidence of learning?
-How do we look for, capture, reflect on, and share learning to foster meaningful and active engagement?
-How do we amplify learning as members of a globally connected learning community?

Looking 4 Learning

Let’s move beyond traditional display of what happens in your school and classroom. How can we make learning visible and shareable? How do we hone our skills to look for and recognize learning? What are specific techniques to capture learning and deepen thinking? Documenting learning is not a passive activity, but drives action research and  practice for educators and learning communities.

Communication, Marketing & Outreach

Documenting learning does not only serve as a pedagogical tool, but become a valuable tool in your school’s marketing, communication and outreach department. How can documentation materials, created by administrators, educators and students be used to tell an authentic story of your school? How do you take advantage of a variety of media and social media platforms to reach a larger audience?

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