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Professional Development
in the 21st Century
Build capacity among your teachers beyond the visit of a consultant

» Communicate, collaborate & connect among professional educators
» Take action steps to use data to inform teaching
» Support skills to implement and grow e-portfolios
» Re-think teacher observation in your school
» Re-think teacher observation in your schoolCreate institutional memory

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Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

The Glue that connects ALL your school's PD Initiatives

Give your Teachers the Opportunity: Learning How To Learn
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What? Why?How? of Documenting4Learning

Documenting is a critical component of the learning process. Sharing is a crucial component of our work as educators and the “learning revolution“.


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Learning to Document

The teacher must see himself/herself as a learner, since he/she is on uncharted territory as well in our ever changing (digital) world.

Pedagogical Documentation

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  Professional Development Model

How do we customize consulting & coaching in a culture of “drive by”workshops, once a year conferences, fly in/fly out consultants?

Professional Development Model

NOW is the time to think about this summer and next school year's Professional Development for your School. 

The world we live in requires schools to address new kinds of literacies in addition to the basic one because we are in the middle of an enormous change of the culture of teaching and learning.
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Demands of New Forms of Professional Development in a New World

Schools are struggling to keep up with the demands of curriculum design and upgrades to prepare students for modern skills and emerging literacies. Professional Development needs to offer opportunities for teachers to transform these experiences and redefine their own learning and in consequence their teaching.

The teacher must see himself/herself as a learner, since he/she is on uncharted territory as well in our ever changing (digital) world. Key competencies and literacies, such as global, media, network, information literacy and digital citizenship amplify our traditional notion and expectation of basic literacy in education. In addition to the traditional content knowledge we are expected to teach/learn in schools, we must include learning how to learn.

Self-Propelled Professional Development

Sharing means amplification and amplification means spreading good practices, reaching more people and connecting beyond our own limitations of zip codes and language barriers.

The PD model relies heavily on self-propelled, self-directed and self motivated professional learners to put new learning practices into action, document, reflect, receive feedback, and keep redefining learning in and out of the classroom. Participants will be building a learning network, share their practices, successes and failures to benefit the school community, including parents, colleagues and students.

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