Become a lead story teller for your school. Let’s talk about how your team can create a unique narrative of your school’s value and take advantage of communication platforms to amplify your reach and outcome.

Key Questions Storytellers Answer:

  • What makes your school stand out from other schools?
  • What difference do your school make in the lives of your students?
  • How are you leading in the field of education?
  • How are you fullfilling the promise to your stakeholders?

Key Points:

  • Develop a strategy for your school
  • Go beyond traditional means of communication, marketing and engagement strategies
  • Curate the school experience
  • Model communications and engagement for your students
  • Create story-telling leadership teams
  • Engage and educate community members to become branding ambassadors, to tell the story for you
  • Share evidence of living your mission statement, vision and goals with your school and global education community