Schools are struggling to keep up with the demands of curriculum design and upgrades to prepare students for modern skills and emerging literacies. Professional Development needs to offer opportunities for teachers to transform traditional experiences and redefine their own learning and in consequence their teaching practices.

This consulting framework includes onsite consulting, job embedded instructional coaching and workshops, blended with online coaching, workshops and feedback in the areas of modern learning skills and literacies.

Research, as well as anecdotal and personal evidence, has proven that a reflective learning culture is one of the best indicators to increase student learning.  The blended coaching model uses“ Blogging as Pedagogy” as a deeply reflective year long learning opportunity to allow teachers to experience a shift in their learning and make documentation, reflection and sharing part of their practice. Embedded in this process are learn-by-doing technology skills that support the shift into a blended learning environment for ongoing lifelong learning habits and mindset.

The model relies heavily on self-directed and self motivated professional learners to put new learning practices into action, document, reflect, receive feedback, and keep redefining learning in and out of the classroom. Cohort participants will be building a learning network, share their practices, successes and failures to benefit the school community, including parents, colleagues and students.