Curation has everything to do with the now skills (communicate, collaborate, connect, create & critical thinking) and the now literacies (information literacy, network literacy, media literacy, digital citizenship and global literacy). Curation goes beyond collecting and randomly sharing out information and resources, but is an active, strategic thinking process of:

  • what is worth keeping/saving/archiving? (critical thinking)
  • what is of little or no quality and therefore not worth keeping? (information, media literacy)
  • what is considered fake news and therefore needs to be prevented from further dissemination (critical thinking, information, network, media literacy, digital citizenship)
  • how would others benefit from my sharing? (communicate, collaborate, network and global literacy)
  • what is my responsibility, as part of a network, to contribute and be a filter for others in the “information overload” era? (network literacy, information literacy and digital citizenship)
  • what value could I add to the original resource? (connect, create, information, media, network literacy,
  • how do I save resources, tag/label/categorize them appropriately, so they connect with resources others have tagged (think folksonomy), might search for with specific keywords, and/or other resources I might save in the future? (connect, communicate, collaborate, critical thinking, information literacy, network literacy)