The world we live in requires schools to address new kinds of literacies in addition to basic literacy. These new literacies include media, information, intercultural, digital citizenship, ethical and network literacies in addition to specific skills such as communication, collaboration, and being able to create connections. Modeling and creating a learning network for and with your students, that include peers from across the globe, experts on subject matter, authors of books, etc. breaks down barriers between the sage on stage and the learner. Skype is a tool that can easily be used to successfully integrate these literacies and skills in different subject areas as well as at all grade levels. The presentation will address strategies on how to find and contact possible partners and explore many other ideas how to use Skype in the classroom with students.
Viewers will learn from the example project “Around the World with 80 Schools” the benefits and challenges of connecting their students to the world.

Around the World with Skype (English Version)

Alrededor del Mundo con Skype (Spanish Version)