It’s not about Tech Tools, It’s about 21st Century Skills

We are not podcasting in order to teach Audacity nor Garageband. We are not recording students for the fun of using microphone, nor are we blogging, so we can practice typing, we are not skyping for the purpose of using a webcam.

Teachers, parents and administrators, unfamiliar with the tools, might worry that “important” academic time is being lost and wasted as teachers are taking the time to podcast, blog, skype or wiki! It is important to explain that it is not about the latest technology tool.

  • It is about basic literacy skills (reading & writing).
  • It is about curriculum content
  • It is about engaging and motivating students.
  • It is about addressing, integrating and embedding 21st century skills and literacies, such as media, information, network and intercultural literacy.