Social media has changed the way we communicate, connect and build community. Up-to-date information is being disseminated and amplified faster via social media than any traditional flyer or email listserve. Social media needs to be part of every school’s communication, marketing, admissions, branding and outreach campaigns.

Students, parents, teachers, constituents and the community-network, vital to your school, are expecting interaction, information and resource curation and just in time news updates.

  • Does your school have a social media strategy?
  • Is social media part of your school’s branding efforts?
  • Is your school’s and your professional social media presence strategically growing by adding friends, followers and likes?
  • Is your school community connecting with you via various Social Media platforms?
  • Are you connecting beyond “This is what we do!”?
  • Are you building an online community to connect, share and learn?
  • Are you engaging your school community via social media?
  • Do  you see your teachers, students, parents and community members as your brand ambassadors?
  • Are you, as a head of school, principal, communication, admissions or marketing director, taking advantage of what social media can offer?

You will learn about:

  • Why & how to tell the story of your school via social media.
  • Social Media Syntax & Semantics.
  • Social Media Strategies.
  • Documenting school mission, vision and learning on various platforms.
  • Promoting positive & outstanding work from your campus.
  • Showcasing assets & strengthening relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Take control of your school’s promise to stakeholders by capturing student experiences.
  • Content creation in a variety of media.

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, an International educator, author, consultant and coach, experienced and successful in building and maintaining her social media presence for her own Langwitches’ brand (since 2007), private schools and other educational organizations, is available to assist you building capacity within your school to tell you school’s story via social media channels.

Contact Silvia to set up your documenting4learning coaching sessions (on site and/or virtual). Flexible pricing structure available.

Silvia can:

  • Develop a social media strategy for your school
  • Support and build capacity within your school
  • Help you grow your school’s social media presence
  • Support network literacy skills
  • Offer person or virtual consulting and coaching
  • Encourage heads of school and principals to become lead storytellers
  • Consult and coach in English, Spanish & German

Contact Silvia to set up your personal coaching sessions (on site or virtual).