“Silvia is an inspiring educator who delivers excellent presentations filled with practical information and classroom examples. As a co-moderator of Images for Education, an Electronic Village Online session, I had the pleasure of arranging for Silvia to be a guest speaker during digital storytelling week. Because of her well-known blog, Langwitches.org, in addition to her e-book “How to Guide: Digital Storytelling- Tools for Teachers,” we were interested in having her speak for Images for Education participants.

During the 2009 session, Silvia delivered a presentation entitled “Digital Storytelling for Educators” which introduced listeners to the “why, how, and what” of digital storytelling, in addition to giving examples of student work produced using Mixbook, Voicethread, Google Maps, and other online tools.

Her presentation was so well-received that we invited her to present again in 2010. Silvia updated and expanded her presentation to include even more innovative uses of images in the classroom; she focused more on collaborative projects, as well as informing listeners about copyright.

All in all, her professional presentations gave the educators enrolled in our course pedagogically sound, safe, and creative ideas for enhancing language lessons through the use of technology.”

Mary Hillis, July 10, 2010