Potential Audience

  • Classroom Teachers
  • Head of Schools
  • Staff Developers
  • Curriculum Coordinators & Coaches
  • Technology Coordinators
  • University Professors of Education
  • University Students in Teacher Education Programs


Globally Connected Learning Consulting offers to help move educators and schools into the 21st century. What will it mean to be educated for the class of 2024? Learn about 21st century skills, literacies and fluency for connected learning by exploring real world teaching and learning examples. Experience the exciting benefits of globally connected learning for your faculty and students.

In a workshop with Globally Connected Learning Consulting, you will…

Learn to Design and Upgrade your Curriculum

  • Take a look at your current curriculum, units of study, lessons and projects. What do you keep? What do you throw out? What do you upgrade to meet the needs of your students in the 21st century?
  • Integrate the 4 C’s of 21st century learning: communicate, collaborate, connect, critical thinking.
  • Be aware of and design curriculum beyond basic literacy to include information, media, network, intercultural and ethical literacies.

Learn Classroom Strategies

  • Orchestrate a collaborative learning environment
  • Work with authentic tools, tasks and audiences
  • Explore new roles to empower student learning

Experience New Forms of Professional Development

  • Bring your professional development into the 21st century.
  • Experience the power of self-directed learning
  • Build your PLN (Personal Learning Network)


By the end of a two-day professional development experience with Globally Connected Learning Consulting, participants will have upgraded a curriculum unit, lesson or project based on their new understanding of 21st century skills, literacies and fluency. Participants will have started building a personal learning network to continue their own learning journey.


Participants of the workshop will spend two days working collaboratively as a learning community. They will use free tools as they upgrade their curriculum and experience new forms of learning first hand. Participants will actively be involved in discussions, creation, documentation and collaborative activities.  The workshop is designed to practice strategies that the theory behind 21st century pedagogy preaches.

What You Will Do:

  • Participate in collaborative learning activities
  • Experience a set of tools to take control of your own learning
  • Develop and extend your personal learning network
  • Learn about techniques for involving students in using collaborative tools and effectively manage teaching and learning
  • Incorporate new technology tools and multimedia into your curriculum design
  • Gain perspective and awareness of how to prepare for a global and interconnected future
  • Craft a vision and manage change for your 21st century classroom and school

Sample Agenda

Day 1

Introduction – Review workshop’s goals and agenda

21st Century– Group discussion of questions such as: What does it mean to be educated in the 21st century? How are we re-envision schools, teaching and learning in a global and interconnected future?

21st Century Skills, Literacies and Fluency Who are the illiterate of the 21st century? Participants explore the definition of being literate and discuss how students may be tech-savvy but lack digital literacies. We will look at the disconnect that digital natives experience when entering a school building.

The Globally Connected Teacher, Classroom and School – From Global Competencies, connections, collaborations and communication to tools and projects designed and created for you and your students to investigating the world, bringing in perspective, knowledge, skill and disposition.

New Forms of Teaching – How do we redefine schools and our roles as teachers? An in-depth examination of traditional school schedules, design, grouping, virtual and physical spaces as well as their relationship to the learning needs of today’s students.

New Forms of Learning-
Self-directed learning, not “just” learning through technology, is the real revolution in education. A learning network is no longer tied to our zip code and we no longer work in isolation. This session will walk participants through developing, maintaining and extending a personal learning network.

Day 2

Designing Curriculum for the 21st Century Classroom – This session will include working in small groups to identify and investigate interests, passions and characteristics of quality classrooms in the 21st century. Groups work on units, lessons or projects to upgrade.

Breakout Sessions– Customized sessions to address specific interests or tools.

Culmination – Groups will create a short presentation of their 21st century upgrade and share with participants.