Are you diving into remote teaching and learning? Do you need a thinking partner? One on one support? Need ideas to see remote teaching and learning as opportunities to

  • to create learning experiences that allow us to explore new forms of teaching and learning
  • to build skills that will support the now literacies (digital citizenship, information literacy, media literacy, network literacy global literacy)
  • to build skills that will foster a new sense of community (again not aiming to substitute the same in-person- community we are used to)
  • to find learning experiences for us as educators as well as our students that help develop now skills
  • to amplify collaboration and embed crowdsourcing
  • to communicate with each other beyond space (geography) and time (asynchronously)
  • to document FOR Learning in order to support reflection and metacognition and collaboratively learn from this crisis
  • to move from consumption of information to creation (remixing, adding value, creating new) of information.
  • to foster self- directed and self-motivated learning and working skills
  • to foster social-emotional learning
  • to practice balance between our analog and digital activities
  • to amplify reading and writing to include new forms
  • to develop skills that Alan November proposes in his First 5 Days

I have been helping educators and schools around the world preparing for these skills and literacies in teaching and learning remotely for the past 15 years. Let’s chat, if I can support you with ideas, amplify the work you are already doing, if you just need a thinking partner or you would benefit from my experience in the area.