Whether it is working with students to connect their thinking through digital tools, engaging with colleagues to design transformative lessons, or creating blog posts and conference presentations to share with her global learning network, Silvia maintains high standards that align with Graded’s school vision of inspiring individual excellence in a collaborative setting.  She has an awe-inspiring knowledge of technology integration and 21st Century skills and literacies.  She continually shares links and articles with me in effort to help me find that digital tool, practice, or story that will elevate and redefine the learning experience I am trying to create for my students.

Silvia is an enthusiastic supporter of her colleagues, documenting their projects on her blog.  She generously puts others in the spotlight and sings their praises because she strongly believes in globally connecting our classrooms in order to harness our power as educators.
Laurel Janewicz, Sixth Grade Math Teacher


Silvia brings with her a global network of educators and experts, as she can easily get information and engage others in video conferences for the most varied topics. She truly embodies network and global literacy, while being generous and supportive of others who are just beginning or exploring those ideas. The wealth of information and perspectives that Silvia has brought to our work, due to this network, has been transformative to my practice. […] As a teaching and learning coach, Silvia is very supportive and attentive to teachers’ ideas, while at the same time providing a well thought out range of new options to “amplify learning” as she likes to describe it. […]  Silvia brings about true collaboration,  fresh ideas and positive movement towards more engaging, dynamic and effective teaching and learning. She is also truly appreciated by the teachers who can see their work through her eyes, flourish and share. We have been very fortunate to have had Silvia as part of our staff.
Dr. Silvana Meneghini, Teaching and Learning Coach


Silvia lives the challege of 21st Century Education.  Through collaboration, Silvia demonstrates what it means to be a lead learner. She is dedicated to help prepare students and their teachers to engage in the great transformation that technology tools offer to the world of education. She opened specific pathways for teachers to enhance the learning of their students through  blogfolios, projects involving visual thinking, and back channeling. I personally had the privilege of developing with her a current model to help students, teachers and administrators pick their way through the morass of fair use and copyright compliance. […] Silvia inspires her colleagues with new understandings of what it means to learn and teach literacy in the digital age. Multi-lingual and multi-cultural herself, Silvia is open to the world and emphasizes global awareness, respect and, especially, ethical practices.
Silvia has a confident, can-do attitude that engenders trust. She is consummately supportive of individual teachers and students with her expertise, validating the learning journey of all.
Meryl Zeidenberg, Library Coordinator