The following are testimonials of participants at the Grand Rapids State University: Wildly Exciting Conference in August of 2014.

Participants shared their “Aha” moments of the day with in a Backchannel.


More excited than afraid 2 have my district begin one-to-one technology. Small digital change 2 traditional lessons can lead 2 big outcomes by Jan

I will not be afraid to ask my students for help with technology by bec

I will not be afraid to come up with new ways to instruct my students by Fran

Make kids think more about how they will find out information well rather than transmit info to them by Nicole

regardless of the tech used, learning goals must always be the focal point – techy tricks can engage, but one must focus on their target by Winston

Action plan: we are committing to 2 things during hybrid assessment class. Video answering nongoogleable questions;backstory face to face by Jacque

I wonder how much more accountable learning can become by making collective thinking visible and using it to launch independent learning by Simeon

Finding new opportunities to use technology to enhance learning by Diane

I need to remember to be deliberate in ensuring technology integration because it really isn’t that hard or even too time consuming! by Sarah

I also want to explore the idea of putting together a live binder this year. Maybe start it this year and add to it in the future by Rochelle

Allowing myself to think differently about how I’m going to allow my students to use technology in class by Fran

I can’t wait to use the technology I already have and bring it to the next step by Rochelle

To use ungoogleable questions and establish a bigger online identity  by Seth

The increase in tech corresponds with the change from knowledge-centered education to skill-centered. We must help students learn skills! by @loundsd

The biggest investment in education is teaching students to adapt to changing technology and to evaluate their sources of information  by JTrain

stretched my thinking…intend to use much of what I learned as soon as tomorrow; can’t wait to share! I see a different approach to teaching and learning in my classroom this year by Holly

This is not an I can do this…it is a WE can do this! by Kathleen

Global literacy should be a regular part of your classroom agenda by Rochelle

It is possible to breakdown the walls of our classrooms and have our students become global learners by CJ

I am going to try todays meet. Great for collaboration, brainstorming, and exit slips by Ann
TodaysMeet will be useful to me in my classroom. by Jill Steffens

many new ideas and tools to present to curric. to children in a multifaceted way by lisa

Using ungoogleable question to engage students in their learning utilizing technology by A

My teaching is bigger than the sum of my parts – it is the sum of all of us.4 days ago by Helena

I need to think more outside the box. Collaboration is a great thing. by B

I have some real changes that I can’t wait to do for the class I am teaching this fall by Sally

I need to establish my online identity by Chris

“We did something today that I could not do on my own” by Duane