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Learning how to learn for the 22nd century

Keynotes, Workshops & Conferences

I have been a presenter and keynote speaker around the world on a variety of topics in the areas of 22nd century teaching and learning, heutagogy, blogging as pedagogy, personal learning networks, digital storytelling, world language teaching, presentation design, visual literacy and globally connected learning.

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Blended Coaching Model

Schools are struggling to keep up with the demands of curriculum design and upgrades to prepare students for modern skills and emerging literacies. Professional Development needs to offer opportunities for teachers to transform traditional experiences and redefine their own learning and in consequence their teaching practices.

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Webinars & Video Conferences

For a cost effective alternative to bringing in a consultant, consider inviting me to support your teachers online. I am available for online 1:1 coaching, small group or large group professional development in the areas of modern teaching & learning.

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Globally Connected Learning Consultant

Global: involving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope Connected: joined or linked together Learning: the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge Consultant: A professional that helps you plan that appropriate course of action. 2011: We are in the second decade of the 21st century. Teachers, schools and districts are moving from […]